Monday, December 15, 2014

One little Christmas Tree...

Hello All!

Happy Monday.  Hope you are finding something to enjoy today. I am listening to Christmas tunes and checking my lists to see what I still have left to get done. 

Some of you might recall that last December I posed a series of 12 handmade Christmas trees.  I have been working on 12 more for this year, and as usually happens, I'm not quite finished with some of them yet.  However, if I don't start posting now, I will run out of time, so here goes.

2014 Tree One:

Ok, so officially, I didn't make this tree.  It is a lovely image from the Graphics Fairy.  I turned it into a snow globe of sorts, by placing it in a repurposed jar and adding Epsom salts and a few beads.  I used Distress Stain to color some Tim Holtz vintage tinsel, and wrapped it around the top of the jar along with some wired berries. 

Sometimes, the easiest projects are the prettiest.  I think that this is the case here.  I love the simplicity of this little snow globe.  There are a ton of ways to switch it up to match different decorating styles. 

I wish I had more photos, but I gifted this to my mom at Thanksgiving, and in the rush to get packed and on the road, I thought I was doing well to get one photo. 

Thanks for visiting with me today!


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