Saturday, December 13, 2014

12 Tags of Christmas - Funkie Junkie Style - Week 11

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

I hope lots of Holiday Cheer comes your way this weekend!  As you may know, I have been playing along with the The Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Christmas 2014 challenge.  (Follow this link for the challenge requirements.) Before I get to my week 11 piece, I thought I'd show you how I have worked the printer's tray I have been filling with challenge pieces into my Christmas décor.  I couldn't wait for it to be complete to add it!

This is the wall of vintage boxes that DH spent an afternoon installing for me earlier this year.  I have been having fun arranging and rearranging my collection of vintage "smalls" and seasonal crafts ever since.  It's not completely decked out for Christmas yet, but I have added touches here and there, including swapping out my Tim Holtz Alterations tray for the 7 Gypsies Printer's tray that you see on the bottom row, left. 

Here is a closer view of how it fits in its flat wooden box:

As you can see, I already performed a switch, replacing the wine bottle hurricane lantern you see here with the felt tree in the photo above.  Believe it or not, neither of them are in this spot today.  As I said, I love to play around and rearrange this wall.  My family thinks it's a good thing I don't face it during meals, or I would be jumping up to make changes instead of eating!

Linda's Week 11 Inspiration::

Oh so pretty, with the icy turquoise ribbon and bling!  I was excited to see the metallic background, as I knew it would balance out some of the other spaces in my tray.  Here is my interpretation of Linda's inspiration:

As always, I used my Silver Bullet Pro cutter to cut the sweet prancing reindeer. 

I loved finding  a place to use the tiny jingle bells that I purchased recently from the challenge sponsor:  The Funkie Junkie Boutique  I have been pretty diligent this season in not increasing my craft stash, but when I saw these on some of Linda's projects, I just couldn't resist having some for myself.  They are seriously the cutest bells ever!  I added some vintage embroidery floss from Great Grammie's sewing basket, and some of the holly leaves that were remaining from my week 10 project.

 I followed Linda's lead by pumping up the  bling by adding some rhinestones to the centers of my embossed snowflake/foil tape/Distress Stained and painted background. 

Here is a look at my tray, with the addition of my week 11 reindeer:

I'm loving how it is filling up.  I found time in the last couple of days to fill some of the "extra" spaces.  Although I don't want to wish away my weekend, I really can't wait to see what Linda has in store for us for week 12!  Until then, I have some fun Christmas activities planned.  Hope you do, too!

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  1. Your wall is fabulous!!! Love what you did with this tag challenge too. :)

  2. Fantastic work with the foil tape. The background you created for your leaping deer is gorgeous - love the red rhinestone bling! Love the stripes on the deer and I too love those tiny silver jingle bells! Your printer's tray is shaping up beautifully and I absolutely LOVE your vintage box wall. That is absolutely the coolest idea I have seen forever! So glad you were able to keep up with the challenge. The end is in sight!



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