Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A very unusual tree....

Hi Everyone!

Today I have a unique tree for you.  Sometimes there are very good reasons for things to be one of a kind, and this tree is a perfect example of that.  So, even though I think it is quite hideous, and way past "so ugly it's cute", I am bravely sharing it!   Maybe it will spark an idea in someone's crafty brain.  If not, at least you all will have one project that you can leave off your to-do list. 

Last year, I was excited to rescue some vintage bed springs before they got hauled to the dump.  I had seen lots of really cute projects, and I was sure that I could make some for myself.  After three not so good projects, I am about ready to give up on those plans. 

My family drinks a lot of tea, and as you may have noticed, sometimes the tea bags make their way into my projects.  Mostly they are bit players, but with this project, I decided to make them the star of the show.  Over a couple of months, I saved all the tea bags, dried them, removed the tags and staples and emptied out the tea.  Then I tore each bag in half lengthwise and twisted it into a rope shape.  I knotted each rope onto the spring to replicate evergreen needles. 

The simple red berries were another save from a friend's recycling pile.  

At least I didn't spend a  single cent on this project!

Maybe it looks better with a fancy photo booth photo.  Not so much; see? 

Thanks for visiting today.  I'll be back tomorrow with what I think is a much prettier tree number three!


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