Saturday, December 21, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Day 10

Happy Day, Everyone!

Here is my 10th tree.  I'm still not sure that it is complete, but younger DD tells me it is, so I am posting it now.  Well, after I tell a little story...

A few months ago, while noodling around online, I saw a repurposed bedspring Christmas tree.  I thought is was pretty cute, and tucked the idea away, thinking I would never-ever run across a vintage bed spring.  A couple of months later, while visiting my parents, I took my luggage upstairs to the guest room, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an entire vintage box spring at the end of the hallway!  My dad kindly cut it up for me, which was quite a task.  These things are tough!  Now I have what seems to be a life time supply of vintage bed springs to play with. 

Here is the first project:

The entire project is made from reclaimed items.  The beads are from a bracelet I took apart, the greenery is left over from a project I will be sharing soon, and yes, that is more of my vintage dictionary.  As I said earlier, I am posting at DD's suggestion, but I'll tell you a little secret.  I haven't really committed to any of these elements.  Nothing is glued on yet! 

So that's it for tree number 10.  I am hoping it is a bit of foreshadowing for next year's projects.  I really want to work on more projects that combine my love of paper craft and my newly rediscovered love of "junking". 

I hope that you are all wrapped up in Christmas Spirit!



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