Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Trees of Christmas Day 9...

Happy Day, Everyone!

Today I am posting my 9th Christmas Tree project.  This one is a short and fat little layered tree, and is incredibly simple to make.  I really like simple at this time of year, don't you? 

Here is the tree in its final form:

I played around with the with a few different ideas for the trunk before spying this little carved branch vase sitting on top of my storage shelves, waiting to be put away.  Good thing it wasn't shoved in a box, because I think it works much better than this:

I usually like mixing tall and skinny with short and fat, but this didn't do it for me.
Or this:
The proportions are better, but I'm just not feelin' the spool today. 
So... back to the tree!  As you can see, it is formed from four graduated layers of folded circles.  I have a file on my SkyDrive here:  I sized my layers at 4";3";2"; and 1.5 inches.  You can play around to get the sizes that you like.  You're on your own for a trunk.  I'll bet you can find something in your stash  (for the spool trunk version, I just rolled a scrap of brown cardstock into a tube and inserted it.)
The papers I used are all from DCWV.  These dark greens looks very "evergreenish" to me.  
Thanks for stopping by to check out tree number nine.  Hope to see you tomorrow for day ten!

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