Friday, June 28, 2013

The one with my favorite card ever (so far).....

Happy Happy Friday, Everyone!

Today, I had planned to spend the entire day in my craft room, but a nap got in the way!  I should not be forgetting to finish my morning tea.  Before the sleepies set in, I made a card that I absolutely love.  I scrap lifted it from a card magazine that I have had laying around for at least a year.  I am going to a co-workers wedding tomorrow, and wanted to make a special card for him and his bride. 

Here is what I did:



I used my Foil Master and gold foil for the sentiment and buckle on the front, and inside sentiment.  I did a print a cut with my  Black Cat Cougar for the layers and the buckle.  I like to foil before cutting, as it makes it easier to make a "sandwich" for my foiler.  I embossed the bottom of the rectangle with my Sizzix Big Kick, and ran some navy ribbon through the buckle.  With sheer ribbons, I like to just tape the ribbon ends on the back of the card, so the adhesive doesn't show through. 

The buckle is a file from Penny Duncan Creations.  I swear, I can't go a week without using one of Penny's files!

So that is it, a clean and simple foiled wedding card.  I'm in love with it!  I will be a little sad to put it in its envelope and give it away.  (But I'll do it!)

I wish everyone a beautiful weekend, filled with happy things!


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