Saturday, February 6, 2016


.... and Birthday Wishes.  Last week I got to make a birthday card for my daughter's roommate.  It was a treat to create a winter birthday card.

I used a box card base from SVG and added lots and lots of snowflakes.  Most of them are also from SVG, but others are from my rather large collection of designs.

 I'm not sure exactly why I am such a fan of snowflake designs.  Maybe it is because I live in New England, where we almost always get a fair amount of snow (finally got out first significant storm yesterday!), maybe it's their beautiful symmetry, or maybe it's because they are so much fun to design using the rotated duplicate feature of my the SCAL design software that I use in conjunction with my Silver Bullet digital cutter....   Ok, enough about my crush on snowflakes. 

I used my pen tool in my Silver Bullet to create the lettering.  I hadn't done this in a long time, and had almost forgotten how fun and easy it is.  I added embossing to all of the decorative panels with a snowflake embossing folder.  I glittered a couple of the snowflakes, and added a pop of color with the cardinal.  Cardinals in the snow are my favorite! 

Box cards are so much fun!  SVG Cuts has a great selection of ready made SVG designs for your cutter.  Besides making the cards as designed by Mary, I enjoy taking the bases and adding my own design elements to create custom cards as I did here. 

This weekend, I'll be working on Valentine cards for my family.  I'm pretty sure that will involve more box cards!

Have a terrific weekend, everyone!


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  1. Beautiful box Elizabeth. I love the soft aqua, especially for a snowflake themed project. That red cardinal just jumps off the screen, wow, love that!! Wonderfully frosty creation! hugs :)


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