Monday, December 22, 2014

12 Trees of Christmas Day 8

Hi Folks,

For tree number eight, I am back on the "interesting" side of things, with another reclaimed junk tree.

 Can you tell what "junk" I used for this one?

How about with a close-up?

If you guessed vintage pattern paper, you are correct.  I crumpled and twisted rescued pattern paper into long ropes, Dyed them with Distress Stains, and coiled them around a paper mache cone.  Next I glued on more rescued items.  These pretty red pairs were originally wired on to a 80's era flat rattan Christmas tree.  The gold glass balls were on wreath picks from who knows when.  I sure am happy that I rescued them from a friend's trunk full of junk!  They are perfect on this recycled tree.  The only new item is the cone, and that was purchased during an after Christmas clearance sale at 90 percent off.  I can make cones, but it was totally worth the 30 cents I paid to get such a nice sturdy one. 

I'm calling this finished, but I'm still on the look out for an appropriately junky tree stand or trunk for it.   Christmas is oh so close, and I haven't given up on projects yet.   Almost all of my big "have to do" tasks are done, so I should be able to sneak in a few more hours of crafting.   Hope you can too!


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