Monday, June 2, 2014

Something different

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday!  Today I am  posting a project that couldn't be more different than my last posted project.  It is an assemblage piece that I made this weekend for my house:

When I finished it, I decided that it really suits my style.  (I decided that about the really bright journal page, too.  I think that what I consider to be my style really depends on what kind of project I am working on at any given time.) 

When Junking, I am really drawn to rusty metal pieces, like the fork and the scroll-y cast iron piece.  I discovered both of them in a grab bag style jar of stuff that I picked up for $5.00 last summer. 

My base is a piece of distressed corrugated cardboard with gesso.  I added some Archival Ink stamping to some recycled tea bags, and collaged that over the dried gesso with matte medium.  To make the tiny oval frame, I used a Mod Podge mold and my hot glue gun.  When it was cool, I popped it out and added many layers of Distress Paints until it looked "right".

The vintage rolled papers are scans of the originals, all pieces from my personal attic treasures collection.  The Scrabble tiles are also from the attic.  I'm not sure where I found the zero that I used in place of an "o".  I have lots of  "o's" but I like the variation I got with the different tile. 

I toyed with changing the finish on the frame, but when I finished assembling everything, the original color seemed perfect.

This piece is now hanging in one of the boxes in my new "wall o' boxes".  I don't think I shared a picture of it yet.  My husband very patiently hung all 17 boxes a couple of Sunday afternoons ago. 

I have been playing around with accessories ever since.  This is an early photo, and most everything has changed now.  My assemblage piece hangs in the upper left box, which is the lid of a rescued silverware box.  The bottom is in the lower right corner. 

The tin tray now looks like this:

I used individual boxes from a Tim Holtz Configurations Printers Tray.  I used layers and layers of Distress Paints, using all of the metallic colors, plus black.  I love the aged patina that I got. 

Here are some close ups of the different elements:

An awesomely shabby silver salt shaker


A couple of grungy keys, shadow box style.

 A collection of clock parts, a tiny watch part tin, and a game piece framed with another hot glue frame.  Again, lots of colors of Distress Paints applied. 
Here is another watch part tin. 

I attached the boxes to the metal tray using magnets. 

Hope you all have a wonderfully creative week!


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