Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Documented Life Project, Week 14

Hello All,

Can you believe we are 14 weeks into the year already?  I can't!  What seemed like a long, cold winter was ultimately a short, cold winter. 

As usual, I had fun with this week's journal challenge, and finished it early for a change.

The challenge:  Write my name and embellish it. 

The result:

Honestly, I didn't embellish all that much, but I had fun working with some new-to-me lettering styles, before deciding that I wanted to use my normal signature.  I keep picturing my girls enjoying this journal years from now, and recording my real- life signature appealed to me.

My first step was to draw a border on my page. After writing my name, I covered it with masking fluid.  When the masking fluid was dry, I added color with Pan Pastels.   Next, I used stencils and Distress Inks to add some interest.  When this was dry, I removed the masking fluid.  I really like the way the white "shadow" highlights my text. 

Since I didn't want to embellish my signature any further, my page really needed some more details.  I glued on the sequins and added some dots to my border. 

I took advantage of the sunny day to go outside and do some spray painting.  I have a couple of reclaimed junk projects in the works.  I hope you all had a chance to be crafty this weekend, and if not, there are still a few hours left!


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