Sunday, February 2, 2014

Documented Life Project Week Five and some BIG news from my craft room

Happy Big Game Sunday, Everyone!

Are you looking forward to watching the game: or will you be doing some Sunday Evening crafting instead?  I'll be watching the game! 

I am sharing my Week Five Documented Life Project page today.  I'm not too jazzed about the final results, but the process was both fun and relaxing, which I am learning is the joy of developing a regular art journal practice. 

The challenge this week was to add a doodled border.  You will have to look really closely to see mine:

So it's really kind of  a hot mess of inks and sprays over gesso over bright die cuts, with an embossed and inked frame slapped on.  I really like the texture of the brayered gesso, which you can see better here:

That's Wendy Vecchi Orange Blossom Archival and Black Archival (finally time to reink the pad).  Here is where you can see my original doodled border under several other layers. 

Enough of that, and on to my BIG news!

I have a new Electronic Die Cutter!!!!! 

Fed Ex delivered my 24" Silver Bullet Professional model that I purchased from Sherri Jensen of  That's Scrap, Inc. on Thursday!  I tell you, opening that package was almost better than Christmas! 
The care that Sherri takes in the packaging of these machines is a wonderful hint of the attention that has been paid to every detail of its design and construction. 

Inside  this lovely box was everything I needed to set up and run my new best cutting friend, and also some special little surprises that I won't share, because then they wouldn't be surprises.  Let me just say that I am absolutely loving the little extras that were tucked in with the cables, blades. and manuals. 
My excitement built as I set up my Silver Bullet Pro and started cutting!  I truly was amazed!  This machine is everything I had read and more.  It is truly deserving of being named the best electronic die cutter by Top Ten Reviews!  I have owned two Black Cat Cougars, which I also purchased from Sherri, and couldn't really imagine anything better.  I am so glad I listened to my crafting friends who had the good sense to buy Silver Bullet Pros before me, when they told me about the amazing differences.  This machine is incredibly smooth and powerful!  And the speed!  I am amazed by how fast I can cut.  (I feel like grunting like Tim the Tool Man Taylor from Home Improvement, LOL!  More Power!!!)
Because my friends were just as enthusiastic about the tables that are available for the Silver Bullet, I went ahead and ordered them as well, even though I really hadn't thought I needed them, as I had my Cougar sandwiched between two pub tables.  Oh, how wrong I was!!!!  These tables make a world of difference.  For one, they are pretty!  With my table set up, I had pieces of cardstock taped to the machine and my work tables to keep my mats from dipping down and catching on the table edges.  I wish I had taken a photo to show you how unattractive this was!  You'll just have to take my word for it.  More importantly, the movement of my mats on my gerry rigged set up would wear out the tape, and it would curl and stick to my mats, causing some uneven cuts.  And did I mention how ugly it was? 
Here is a photo of my new Silver Bullet Pro and tables:

 Isn't that beautiful?  The acrylic supports my mat perfectly as it moves smoothly in and out during cutting.  And the machine itself is lovely, with it's curvy lines and silver lettering on the silver base.  I am especially enjoying the raised button panel.  It is very easy for my middle aged eyes to view my settings, and the command buttons work effortlessly! 

I love experimenting and discovering in minute detail how force and velocity work with different materials, so I have been in heaven all weekend, doing lots and lots of test cutting. (That's why I had so many die cuts to stick in my journal!)  I am also spending time getting to know the ins and outs of Sure Cuts a Lot, the software that comes with the Silver Bullet Pro.  It has features that I am really enjoying, including an amazingly simple and accurate print and cut process, and user friendly interface.   I really appreciate being able to set my force and velocity from the SCAL software, rather than having to use the buttons on my cutter.  (Please note that this isn't recommended for new users.)

Ok, that might be more than you wanted to read about my new cutting BFF, but I just can't hide my enthusiasm.  Thanks for sticking with me this far.  (see I'm assuming someone is reading all the way down here.  Yup, I'm an unabashed optimist! or narcissistic, take your pick!)

I'll be back soon with more projects, cut with my Silver Bullet Professional.


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  1. Awesome journal page!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new Silver Bullet Pro!!!!! Woooo-hoooooo, and yep, it is an amazingly sleek and beautiful power tool!!


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