Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The one with the update...


You might remember this card that I posted back in January:

I needed a card to give to a co-worker who is leaving.  I looked through my cards to find something appropriate, and this was it.  (Especially since it was the only one that could in any way be construed as a "guy card", LOL)  I liked the "happy" sentiment, but thought I could add to it a bit, so:

I added a custom button.  It brightens it up a bit, and makes it more appropriate to the occasion. I am loving having lots of cards in my card stash.  It takes a bit of the pressure off.  Today, it gave me time to bake a batch of cookies to go with the card. 

Hope your day is bright and sunny!


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  1. That's awesome, Elizabeth. Don't you just love it when one of those "inspired" cards is actually used, and not just languishing in the ready made card file? I know I do!


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