Saturday, December 1, 2012

Poinsettias, and lots of them!

Happy Saturday!

Last night and this afternoon, I worked on making 24 of Penny Duncan's Poinsettia flowers.  I am hosting a brunch for a bunch of my girlfriends next weekend, and I always make a favor for them to take home.  This year I am having an open house, rather than a small group as I usually do, so I needed something that I could easily make in multiples.  This poinsettia file was the perfect choice.  It doesn't have too many parts, is easy to assemble, and is really, really, festive and pretty. 

I used four different papers, two dark reds, cream, and gold.  I misted the red petals with some shimmer mist.  The other papers were already shimmery, so they were even easier.  Penny is kind enough to post video tutorials on YouTube, so I simply followed along with her instructions, adding a hanging cord while hot gluing the leaves to the backs, to make them into tree ornaments.
Here they are hanging on a tree in my foyer, ready for my friends to choose one on the way out the door. 
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


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