Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Blast from my Crafty Past

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  I sure did.  We had great visits with both families, (mine and DH's) with plenty of good food, laughter, and some Black Friday shopping. 

This week, I want to share a photo of some Christmas projects that I completed earlier in the fall.  In the recent past, before I rediscovered my love of paper crafting, I was obsessed with knitting with my own handspun, hand-dyed yarns.  I got years of enjoyment from this hobby, which I shared with my two daughters.

When I purchased my digital cutter, my wool work was sadly neglected.  That is until early this fall, when I found four adorable stuffed bears and one kitty, that I just had to purchase for my "Littles".  (My fabulously adorable set of five little nieces and nephews-ages 5 to 7)  But the cute little stuffies were naked! Oh my.  I knew just the person to do something about that.  ME!  I pawed through my baskets of yarn to find just the right bits to make some designed-on-the-fly clothing.

I took advantage of a couple of longish car trips to knit these items, which  came together quite quickly.  It was so exciting  to create knitwear again.  Each one is just a bit different from the others.  I hope my "Littles" enjoy finding them under the tree.

The three girls are modeling their sundresses with handspun yarns, the boys are sporting sweater vests with hand dyed commercially spun yarn.

Thanks for taking a moment to look.

Have a terrific rest of the week!


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