Monday, November 12, 2012

I got to craft today!

Hi Everyone,

In between cleaning out my fridge, which is on the blink again, dealing with a compromised e-mail account, troubleshooting a communications problem at work (on my day off) and hanging with my kids, I found time to complete two Christmas projects! 

While catching up on last week's episodes of The Chew, I made this:

Thanks to BerryOne on the MTC Forum for the file!

My original plan was to put this vinyl on a flameless candle.  I was so excited to purchase 2 boxes of them as gifts that I could customize, until I realized that they were made from real wax.  The vinyl wouldn't stick, so now I need to go out and find  more of these glass candle jars. 
And this:
File From SVG Cuts Spirits of Christmas Past Collection

I didn't make too many changes to the original file, for this first effort, other than adding a bit of extra greenery.  I LOVE Svg Cuts files!  They are very thoughtfully produced, and I never have to clean them up or add score lines, as I do with some other purchased files.  This little chickadee just makes me smile.  I think I will keep this project for myself! 
I hope you all find time to craft this week!


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