Friday, September 28, 2012

What Would Heather Do?

Hi Everyone!

    So, I was working on a card recently, using an absolutely beautiful flying flower butterfly image from Royal Inspriations.  As I was choosing papers for my card, I realized that my color choices were very reminiscent of Heather Hudson's favorite colors.  I love Heather's amazing Shabby Chic projects.  If you haven't checked out her blog, click the link and go check it out.

    I continuted to work on my card, cutting the butterfly image in black, and layering it over a print background.   I embossed and inked a background shape, and used my cutter to "write" a sentiment on a tag with a black pen.  Finally, I added 3 flat back pearls.  After all of this work, I looked at my card, and was really disappointed.  (See it below, if you must. No pinning! ;))

      I spent some time looking at my card trying to decide what was wrong with it, and it occurred to me to ask myself "What Would Heather Do?".  With this in mind, I decided to scrap the first card and start over.

      The black part of the butterfly seemed too "hard", so I chose to do a print and cut image with green layered over a pink and green digi-paper.   I didn't think that Heather would use black ink for the sentiment, so I chose a pink gel pen instead.  I added some dimension by adhering it with foam squares rather than plain old tape.  I inked everything lightly to age it. 

 I made some paper lace to add dimension and give the card some of the vintage appeal that it was lacking. I inked up some ribbon and layered it over the lace.  Heather often (always?) uses lots of pearls, so I went back to my embellishment box to see how many I could find.  Since I was going vingage, I spaced the pearls along my ribbon in a way that looks like some of them may have fallen off over time.  Much better than the three stingy pearls I started with. 

I like my "Heatherized" card so much better than my original!  My style is generally much different than Heather's, with more of a "clean and simple flirts with grundge" feel.  But is was fun to get out of my box and do something different; and just maybe I have learned to compose my projects before permanently attaching all of my elements! 

I hope you all have a fabulous final weekend of September!


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