Saturday, September 1, 2012

That's Scrap Fabric Blade Blog Hop!!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the That's Scrap-Fabric Blade  Blog Hop!  If you have hopped here from Penny's Blog, then you are on the right path.  From here, you will hop over to Lisa's Blog,  The hop starts today September 1st and ends on September 15th, with a winner being announced on the 16th. 

There is a great prize from Sherri of That's Scrap, Inc. for one lucky participant.  You will need to post at least one challenge project on  the Silver Bullet Facebook Photo Album page here: FaceBook Album and leave a comment on each participating blog for a chance to win. When you post your challenge project, please make sure to say which blog was the inspiration.   I can assure you it will be totally worth the effort!  There is a complete list of Hop Along blogs at the bottom of this post. 

Because it is back-to-school season in my neighborhood, I decided on an altered composition book for my project.  I used a specialty fabric blade from Sherri.  You can find it here: 30 Degree Fabric Blade  This blade is essential for cutting fabric, and works in any Roland type blade holder, so you can use it with a wide variety of cutters.  While you are on Sherri's site, check out the incredible new cutter, The Silver Bullet Pro.  It has terrific features, and best of all, it comes with Sherri's unbeatable customer service.  I don't have one yet, but it is at the very top of my wish list!  

You will need these items to complete the project:

1.  A composition book.
2.  Scraps of fabric in 2 or 3 co-ordinating colors, plus green.  I used 100% cotton quilting fabrics.
3.  Spray starch.  (In the laundry section)
4.  SVG Files for Flower, Leaf and Comp Book Cover
5.  A really sticky mat.  (I used a Cricut mat, which is much too sticky for paper, but worked really well for this project.)
6.  Tacky Glue, or a hot glue gun plus heavy duty double sided tape or an adhesive sheet.
7.  Buttons to co-ordinate with your fabrics.

Step one: Starch your fabric!  I sprayed on a heavy layer of starch and ironed with a hot iron until dry, and repeated at least 2 more times.  You want your fabric to be really stiff.  I recommend using fabrics that are really tightly woven, and have a heavy "hand" for this project.  Thinner, lighter weight fabrics are harder to cut with this method.

Step two: Adhere your fabric to your mat.  I found that pressing with my fingers worked better than a brayer for this step.  I put a lot of pressure on all areas of the fabric to make sure it was securely adhered everywhere, and not just on the edges.  If your fabric lifts from the mat even a tiny bit, it won't cut well.
Step three:  Do some test cuts.  I found I got the best cuts by using the least possible force.  If my force was too high, my blade would drag across the fabric and cause it to pull up from the mat.

Step four: Cut your cover. Mine is sized at 6.875 by 9.75 inches.

Step five:  Cut your shapes.  Each flower requires 3 petal shapes and one base circle.  I sized my petal shapes at 3"; 2.25"; and 1.5 inches.  My base circles were cut at 3.25; 2.5; and 1.75 inches.  Try to get some contrast between your bases and petals, especially if the petals are the same color as your cover, like mine.  Cut the leaves in sizes that look good to you.

Step six: 
Fold flower shape in half and glue

Fold in thirds and glue, using pencil to help glue smaller petals without crushing
Completed petal
Step 7

Glue leaves to base

Glue petals to base

Step eight

Glue a button to the center of the flower
Step nine.  Adhere your fabric cover to the composition book.  I used a double sided adhesive sheet from All That Jazz Supplies.  You could also use extra strength double sided tape, or maybe a glue stick for this step.  You want the cover to be stuck to the book really well. 

Step ten:  Adhere your flowers to the fabric cover with Tacky Glue or a glue gun.

Enjoy your tricked out composition book.  Write some poetry, or a note to a cute guy! 

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I had a ton of fun creating this project.  Don't forget to check out all of the other stops on the That's Scrap Fabric Blade Blog Hop.  I can guarantee that you will see some fabulous projects from some incredibly talented crafters.

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Have a terrific weekend!


Don't forget in order to be eligible for the Blog Hop prize, a gift card to

1) You must leave a comment on each blog

2) You must complete a project from at least of the blogs in the hop (your interpretation)

3) You must post a photo of your completed project(s) in the Silver Bullet Facebook Photo Album.


  1. This book is soooo cool.
    You would need to make sure the kids names were PLASTERED in it so no one would swipe them.

  2. Thanks! (Or you could just cut the name out and put it right on the front!)

  3. What a FANTASTIC idea!!! LOVE this girl!!!!! Your flowers are ADORABLE!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Penny! It was really fun to finagle a 3 dimensional flower out from a flat cut. (I know you know this already!! LOL)

  4. Great project, love the flowers!!! This will be a fun one!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! There are lots of ways you can use them.

  5. This is totally cute! What a great tutorial. I don't know if I will get this done, but am inspired by this to try fabric now!!! Thank you so much and as always, wonderful work!!!

  6. Thanks, Retta! You will love cutting fabric, when you get around to it. It is tons of fun, and so much faster than scissors!

  7. Elizabeth,this notebook is beautiful! I would've loved to have this going back to school. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  8. These are gorgeous - so pretty :D

  9. What a great way to make a plain composition book into a thing of beauty.

  10. Awesome Project!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone. I really do appreciate your kind words.

  12. Lovely job Elizabeth. Someday I hope to cut fabric too with my machine.

    1. Thanks, CeCe! It's really fun to cut something out of the ordinary now and then.


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