Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blog Hop Teaser

Hi Everyone,

I was working on my  That's Scrap Fabric Blade Blog Hop project today,  I noticed this on my work table: 

Before long, I had this on my work table:
It's our cat, Austen.  He is so adorable that I just don't have the heart to scoot him off.  He always wants to be close to a people, and I was the only one home today.  There was a sunny spot on my table to further entice him to climb up and take a nap. 
The fabric on the table is the only hint you will get about the project I finished today.  Tune in on Saturday morning for the full details, and don't forget to hop all the way to the end.  The Blog Hop starts at Penny's site:
Come join the fun!!!!


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