Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A terrific deal on a fabulous Cutter!

Hi Everyone,

I just read this announcement on my friend Lisa's Blog: http://mindovermattercreations.blogspot.com/2012/07/black-cat-lynx.html

You can head over there to read it, or stay here and read it, because I blatently copied it!  (with Lisa's permission, of course!)

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sherri over at Thats Scrap. Inc has the superb Black Cat Lynx for $399.99 which is in itself an awesome deal...but no, that's not good enough! If you order one in the next few days, you will not only get one of the best cutters out on the market, but...you can either get a free software or free shipping. You will need to purchase the machine and send Sherri an email (or include it with your purchase in the little box for comments) letting her know if you would rather have free shipping or a free software and she will either include the software in your shipment or refund, through Pay-Pal, the shipping charges right after purchase. Just click here to purchase...you will NOT regret it!! The machine is absolutely AWESOME and the customer service provided with and after the purchase is supreme!

I will add that you can't go wrong with a machine purchase from Sherri!  I KNOW from lots of personal experience over the last 18 months that her customer service can't be beat.!

If I went to crops, this is the machine that I would buy.  It really packs a powerful punch in a small size, and allows you to cut, emboss and engrave a wide variety of materials. 

Have a great day!


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