Thursday, July 12, 2012

The new Silver Bullet Cutting Machine

Hi Everyone,

It is vacation time for me, so I have had no time to craft.  But while I was away, this really cool announcement was made!  I am going to link you to the inimitable Penny Duncan's Blog, because she has said it all way better than I could.  Plus, she is really good at making links that work while looking pretty.  I haven't mastered that yet.
So go on over and check out the new machine.  If you've already read Penny's post, and want to go straight to Sherri's That's Scrap site for even more details, you can get there from here:

I haven't had time to digest all the details, but I am very excited about this new machine, even though I just upgraded to 24" Cougar.  I will be keeping an eye out for all the cool projects that can be done with the Silver Bullet, and adding it to my "gotta have it someday" list. 

Congrats to Sherri and Dawn (of Thyme Graphics) for creating this new machine.  A great machine and unbeatable customer service:  Who could ask for more?

Happy Summer!


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