Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feelin the Love (and a little share)

Happy Superbowl Sunday!

Here is a series of cards I made last night.  I printed four black floral backgrounds and applied foil to two of them, in Pink and Lavender.  I also printed some strips of polkadots, which I am sharing, below.  I used my Black Cat Cougar to cut some daisies and circle and oval elements.  I adhered the layers of the daisies together before running them through my embosser to give them some texture.  Finally I added some rhinestones that were hanging around in my stash.  Here are the results:

The black polkadots on the accent strip were foiled using a fabulous black foil material that is shiny rather than metallic.  In real life, it looks a lot like patent leather. 

For this card, I left the background unfoiled, and used foiled the reverse of the above polka dot element.  

For this card, I used a pretty lavender foil for the background.  I'll add the sentiment later, when I send the card.

Amd finally:

I love red black and white together.  For this one, I folded the unfoiled background element over the top of the card. 

Here are the two polka dot files that I used.  If you don't have a foiler, you could print them in a color to match your card.  They are in SVG format.!142&parid=root



  1. Great job Elizabeth. I just love what you do!!!

  2. These are great! I especially like the lavender one! I am trying to resist the foiling...just another thing to try to be strong about! LOL! TFS your cards!

  3. Thanks, Shirley. I tried to resist the Foil Master, too. Obviously not successfully, LOL.

  4. I love the looks fabulous! I love the colors together Elizabeth! Beautiful cards!

  5. Beautiful set of cards Elizabeth! Love the added foil backgrounds, I would love to get a foil machine someday. Need my Black Cat first, LOL


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