Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cards for "my girls"

Hi Everyone!

This weekend, I had an opportunity to cut loose and have some fun with my girlfriends.  We attended a dance in our little Town Hall.  It was a rare occasion for us to listen and dance to some fun live music.  The band played lots of classics from the 70's and my BFFs and I danced the night away.  My favorite memory from the evening is when all five of us "slow danced" to the song "My Girl"!  It was so funny, and so fun.  I made these little cards to commemorate the event and popped them in the mail this morning. 

I love making these little 4 inch cards.  I can get 4 of them out of one 12 inch piece of  paper, and just a couple of sentences fill the inside, which makes the writing part really easy to accomplish.

 I am sharing the envelope files that I designed to fit them. (SVG Format)  The first one is a square envelope that fits the card nicely, but is too small to be mailed. You can grab it here:!138&parid=root

 The second file is a bit bigger, and meets the minimum requirements of the postal service, and you can download it from here:!139&parid=root

I didn't add score lines, as I prefer to use my Martha Stewart Scoring Board to changing my settings each time I make a cut.  They are quick and easy to assemble.

As I have been doing lately, I used trimmings from the card papers to embellish the envelopes.  Makes them pretty and uses up scraps. Works for me!

To make these cards 1 used one sheet of black cardstock, two coordinating pieces of print card stock from my stash, and some scraps of black and white card stock for the ovals.  The inside, which I forgot to photograph, has a 3 1/2 square of plain white cardstock, so I can use a black pen to write my message.  I added a 3/4 inch strip of one of the prints to the top of the white square to add some interest. 

I used my Black Cat Cougar and Make the Cut software to do the lettering and cut the ovals.  I recently discovered the joys of using the WYSIWIG cutting feature of the KNK plug-in.  I regularly use the knife point cutting, but for some reason, had not tried the WYSIWYG.  Glad I did, as it makes using the pen tool almost effortless.

That's all for now, folks!

Happy February!


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