Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some nice "Pen" fonts:

Hi Everyone!

  I love to use the pen tool accessory with my Black Cat Cougar.  Because my favorite pen is a ball point rather than a marker, the resulting lettering often has a gap between the outlines of the letters.  Every once in a while, I find a font that works really well with the pen, so I decided to examine my entire font collection to see if I could pin down some good "pen fonts".  Fortunately, at this point I am not overwhelmed with fonts, so it only took a few sessions to hone in on some possibilities.

I don't have a font manager, but my cutting software, Make-the-Cut has a really good feature that lets you temporarily add fonts without actually installing them on your hard drive.  After identifying the fonts and copying them to a separate folder, I used MTC to create a page of fonts.  For this experiment, I chose to write the name of the font in that font, and sized each one to 1/2 inch.  I was surprised at the variety of scale within that guideline. 

Last night, while working on piecing together a fun file from my friend Retta over on the Black Cat Forum, I set up my Cougar to "write" my font sample.  It chugged away for quite some time before the 181,000+ nodes of the project overwhelmed MTC and it quit.  No problem, I just cut and pasted the ones that didn't "print" onto a different project page and printed them separately.  Of the 57 possibilities, 11 worked really well.  Here is a "snip" of those fonts:

(Little Days Alt is so similar to Little Days that I did not count it separately).  I'm quite pleased with the variety of fonts that will work.  I think that there are some other possibilites amongst the ones I tested that would work at a smaller size.  I will be experimenting with those soon. 

As far as I know, all of the fonts listed above are free, most of them came to me via the "Fontpack" Yahoo group.  I can't share them, but you should be able to "google" them. 

Have a terrific Wednesday!


  1. How cool Elizabeth! I haven't tried a ball point pen yet...may have to give that a go. Any idea what force you use with it?

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I use a force of 45 to 50 with a ball point pen. My force for a blade and paper is generally between 60 and 70.

  2. You have such great ideas!!! I love that you made this list!!! Thank you honey! I just love seeing your creativity in the projects you share! You do inspire me!

  3. Thanks Retta! You made my day. Hugs, Elizabeth

  4. Thanks so much Elizabeth! I found this through the BC USA forum discussion from a few days ago. I have been having such a time trying to figure out what fonts will work with my Cougar. Off to find these fonts! You are the bees knees my friend!!


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