Thursday, October 10, 2013

The one with my Halloween Decorations (Part One)....

Happy Day, Everyone!

Today's post is going to be heavy on pictures, and  light on paper crafting.  I am going to be showing you my game room sideboard, in all of its Halloween glory.  This sideboard is one of my favorite pieces to decorate.  I picked it up about 10 years ago at a thrift store, and have been thrilled with it ever since.  It didn't require any refinishing, and it has tons of really good storage.  Best of all, this piece is big enough to fit the space perfectly. 

The whole shebang
I recently purchased a bottle cutter, and have enjoyed making wine bottle "bell jars".  You will be seeing more of these.
I filled this antique store bargain bottle with various sizes of skull beads.  I made a cone and glued dollar store skelly parts to it for one of the bell jars.  The other has a thrift store china doll head floating in cheese cloth.  The grungy brass pill box matches the candlesticks I have been purchasing all fall, some from antique stores, and some from the thrift store.
I purchased a ton of plastic and foam skulls this year!  I found the terrific wire and metal cloche on clearance at Michael's.  I will be using it over and over.  It is the perfect size for this large sideboard, and can be filled with just about anything. The spiders are another Dollar Store find. The small antique bottle has more tiny skull beads.  The box and loving cup are antique store finds, and the architectural print was a gift from a neighbor many years ago.  The label on the wine bottle is from SVG Cuts.  (I did sneak in a little paper crafting here and there!) 
I paid just $5.00 for this awesome little camera.  It is not particularly Halloween-ish, but I really likes how it balances out the creepiness. 
I love this super rusty Rumford Baking Powder tin.  I still use Rumford Baking Powder, and have a Rumford cookbook from the 30's that belonged to my Grandmother. 
This tin was purchased specifically for this project.  My daughter joined me in a search for things that would look good on candlesticks with skulls.  Bet not everyone gets to go on that kind of treasure hunt! LOL 
That's it for today.  I will be back soon with photos of some of the other vignettes I have put together recently. 
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  1. Soooo awesome!!!! Lovin' everything, you are fabulous at this kind of thing. Wish we lived closer, you could help me do my house! LOL

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I wish we lived closer, too. Just think of all the mischief we'd get into!


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