Monday, September 30, 2013

The one with the Halloween inspiration board....

Hi Everyone!

I'm back a few hours early with my October inspiration board.  I have been a little obsessed with Halloween lately ( I'll be sharing LOTS of projects in the next couple of weeks!) and I have also been having a bit of a flirtation with Steampunk style.  I haven't done any major projects yet, but there may be a disassembled antique clock or two in my studio.   October's inspiration board is a Steampunk Halloween mash-up. 

Instead of vintage pieces, this time I perused the internet for fun images.  I just printed them out and added them in, with some creepy Halloween parts like skull beads and dismembered doll parts.  The black necklace is a vintage family piece.  I took it out of a half completed configurations display, because I thought it would work perfectly here for now. 
Pulling my display together this evening has inspired another Halloween project idea.  My Christmas cards may never get done! 
Happy October to one and all!

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