Saturday, July 6, 2013

The one with the ATC storage box....

Hello, People!

Hope you all are having a terrific weekend!  Recently, I discovered that the Tea Bag Carton, from the SVG Cuts Tea for You and Me collection is the perfect size for ATCs!  I am so happy about this discovery.  I had all of my lovely ATC's from the last two plus years stuffed in a storage box, so I rarely looked at them.  Now, I can display them on top of my shelving units, in pretty boxes, where I will be able to easily thumb through them, and ooh and aah over the incredible talents of my "online friends". 

The box is super easy to put together, and as always, there is a terrific video tutorial on the SVG Cuts site.  Embellishing it, however, turned out to be quite an involved process for me.  I started with basic black, and added some cream and black print paper with a rhinestone buckle for the band: 

I like it, but as usual, when I started editing the photo, I decided that my box needed more work.  Am I the only one this happens to?  Why can't I see it before I take the photo?
I decided to let it rest for the night, and took a fresh look at it in the morning.  I decided that what I really didn't like is that the buckle "bar" shows at the top and bottom.  So, I added some ribbon:
Problem solved!  Except now I think the center looks too plain.  Having just sorted out my "stuff bowl" of leftover bits and pieces, I knew that I had a few coffee filter rose sections cut out, so I painted them with Distress Paint, assembled them into a rose, and hot glued it on:
Now I'm getting somewhere.  I really like it, but that rose looks kind of lonely.  Hmmm.  I do have a box with about 30 completed roses that I haven't used yet.  Maybe one will match?  Nope. No match.  But I did find three more unassembled layers.  So I repeated the last few steps and added a second rose: 
Voila! Now I think I am done, (unless I listen to that little voice complaining that there should be 3 roses! Shut up little voice!)
Now that I have this one done, I can't wait to make some more. 
Have very happy rest of the weekend!


  1. "just one more" said the little voice.
    I think it looks great. You did a fantastic job of adding just enough for the box to have "personality" and invite people to peek inside.

    1. LOL! Just when I had it quiet....

      Thanks for the lovely comment!


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