2015 The Documented Life Project Planner Pages

Here are my The Documented Life Project Pages for 2015.  This has been one of my favorite ongoing projects since I started it in 2014.  If you have a yearning to art journal, and are looking for good challenges and prompts and inspiration, I highly recommend the Art to the 5th gang.  You can find all of the information here.

January Theme:  Facing the Blank Page
Week 1 - Challenge -
Week 2  Art Challenge - Gesso.  Prompt - "The beginning is always today." Mary Shelley
Week 3 Art Challenge - The color wheel.  Prompt "I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way." G. O'Keefe
Week 4 Art Challenge - Writing.  Prompt "Words with Friends"

Week 5 Art Challenge - Under Paper.  Prompt - What Lies Beneath.

February Theme:  Layers You Will Love
Week 6  Art Challenge - When not to stop.  Prompt "Don't stop til you get enough."

Week 7 Art Challenge - Cover up the good stuff.  Prompt:  Going Undercover.
Week 8 Art Challenge -                 Prompt:  It's worth repeating.
Week 9 Art Challenge - 5 layers.  Prompt High Five 
March Theme - Doodles and Mark Making
Week 10 Art Challenge - As a layer element.  Prompt - Surviving the Elements

Week 11 Art Challenge - As a border.  Prompt -"Borderline, feel like I'm going to lose my mind" Madonna
Week 12 Art Prompt -  As a focal point.  Prompt - Coming into focus.
Week 13 Art Challenge - Make a custom element.  Prompt - Ride the energy of your own creative spirit.  
April Theme:  Color Safari - Exploring Paints and Inks
Week 14 Art Challenge - Water Colors.  Prompt - It's water under the bridge.

Week 15 Art Challenge - Acrylics. Prompt - Cry me a river

 Week 16 Art Challenge - Gelli Prints. Prompt - A lot on my plate. 
 Week 17 Art Challenge - Inks.  Prompt - Before the ink was dry.

May Theme:  Touchy-Feely (Texture)
Week 18 Art Challenge - Fabric  Prompt:  The fabric of your life.