Saturday, July 14, 2012

I made some Tumblers!

Hi Everyone,

I really didn't think that I would find time for more projects this weekend, but hey, it was more fun to craft than clean.  Not to mention it was too darned hot to clean, and the only AC unit in the house is in my craft room! 

I made these three tumblers today.  I love cutting vinyl.  It is so much fun!

The first two are for friends that I will see at camp next week.   Pretty cool that I have Summer Camp friends at my age!  The third is for me.   Since I had so much fun with them, I am going to try to find time to make one more before I leave. 

Here is a tip you might find useful for layering Vinyl:

If you save some of the non-stick backing from sticky stuff like Contact paper, or the fabulous Re-Nu sheets, you can use it as a base for laying out your layers before placing them on your project.  I used this technique for the tumbler on the left, which is my first ever 3 color vinyl project.  It was quite easy. 

Hope you all are finding time to put your feet up and enjoy a tall frosty drink!



  1. they turned out great Elizabeth. I have not had much time to play lately. :( Not enough hours in the day!

    I have just nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Just a simple recognition of how much I enjoy visiting your blog.


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